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Call Lanyards

All of our Call Lanyards are constructed and hand made using 550 Paracord. They are stylish, comfortable and made to last. We offer these lanyards to you at an offordable cost with no lack of quality and craftmanship. They can even be used in a survival situation. We Guarantee our lanyards for life against any defect in material or craftmanship and if for any reason you need to take one apart for use in a survival situation, just tell us your story and we will be happy to make you a new one.

Paracord Color Options



Here are some examples of the Lanyards we have been making. If you see

one you like please contact us via email @ bw@3dguideservice.com to

place your order and make your color selections.



2 Color/ The 4 Drop Band-IT

The neckband on this Lanyardis very plyable for comfort and stylish to boot. It is named "The Band-It" because of its round neck band witch makes it easy to put leg bands all the way around. It features 4 Drops total with 2 of the drops being movable so you can put then anywere you want on the Lanyard.


3 Color/4 Drop Cobra

This lanyard is available in any 3 color of your choice...Be Creative. This like the other Lanyards has 4 drops with 2 of them being movable so you can place your calls were they are most comfortable fo you.



2 Color/4 Drop Cobra

This Lanyard features a comfortable neck band with 4 drops. 2 of the drops are movable so you can place your calls were they are the most comfortable and accessible to you.










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